Private Spiritual Sessions

Understand and align with your Life Purpose.

Unlock your Life Purpose and learn how to access your unique gifts that the world needs. In this one-on-one session, we work together to understand the significance of where you are on your path and what you truly need to get to the next step on your path.

We may use or refer to: Tarot/ Oracle cards, Crystals, Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Spellwork, Ancestral Healing, Astrology, Human Design, Reiki Healing, Integrative Nutrition*

Every session includes: a 60 - 70 minute live video or audio session, a recording of your session for personal use, follow-up correspondence to support you with further resources and coaching.

*Any modalities or language you may not be familiar with will be explained and you will receive the appropriate resources to deepen your learning.

Tarot + Oracle Card Reading

Receive Divine messages and guidance on your path.

Tarot and Oracle cards are powerful communication tools that help us open up a conversation with our Spirit Guides. In a session we receive Higher messages to help us make decisions, receive clarity, and have the guidance on how to move forward on our path. 

Sessions include: the choice to access your 30-minute reading live or pre-recorded, a video copy of your session for your personal use.

Reiki Healing

Receive healing on a cellular and Spiritual level.

In your Reiki healing session, your healing practitioner will use Universal life force energy to clear blockages in your body. These blockages can show up in our lives as physical, mental and spiritual manifestations. Reiki can be used with the intention to help your existing healing practices, to help bring awareness to where the root cause of the blockage is, or to create a catalyst for your Awakening path.

"Reiki is a doorway to healing the world."

In your session you will receive: the choice between an in-person or remote Reiki Healing (via live video), the choice to access a 30 or 60 minute session, a written assessment, follow-up correspondence with resources to further support you on your path.

Reiki Study

Learn how to use Energy to heal your personal and professional life.

Receive private mentorship and learn how to work with Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy). You will understand and work with Energetic laws: learn how to heal yourself and others, how to attract abundance, and how to create more joy in your life.

This is a minimum 3-month commitment to one another.

This path of study will include: Weekly check-ins,

guided exercises, mandatory case studies, attunements*

Students will have the choice to complete Levels I (Shoden), II (Okuden), and III (Shinpiden) of Reiki study. 

*read more about attunements on the FAQ page.

Holistic Voice Program

Use the power of music to heal from within.

For singers, aspiring artists and performers: Elevate and strengthen your relationship with your voice on a Holistic level. You will learn how to harness the unique power of your voice and how to strengthen it with practices that work for you, not against you. Through this program understand how to build a healthy and fulfilling creative life, without burning out. 

This program will give you: a foundation of sound healing practices and theories, principles of vocal technique, Holistic vocal techniques, Healthier practices for performers, Aligned Artistry for aspiring artists, and more.