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PWYC + Energy Exchange

As a part of our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, all services listed on Daily Magic are available through a PWYC and/or energy exchange agreement. 

PWYC (pay-what-you-can) indicates a sliding scale rate which is determined by the client, based on the value of the service/ offering and the client's financial capacity.

Energy exchange is a trade made of equal value; often in the form of trading services for equally valued services and/or goods. 

Why do we offer PWYC + Energy Exchange?

To create continuous accessibility to our services and studies, especially for our LGBTQ+ BIPOC community.

Is PWYC + Energy Exchange appropriate for me?

I understand asking for alternative options can feel awkward or unfamiliar - I’ve been there and I completely get it! It's my hope that we can build a world that looks at energy exchange as a common compensation model apart from monetary exchange. To help clarify if PWYC and energy exchange is right for you, please use the following points as a guideline. PWYC + Energy Exchange options are best for you if you feel:

- The suggested value of the service is an amount I am unable to pay

- Financially it is inaccessible to me due to my income/ dependents/ loss of work/ hardships

- The service/ offering is something that would help me right now but I cannot afford it at the time that I need it

- I am LGBTQ2S+

- I am Black, Indigenous, a Person of Colour

- I have accessibility issues and/ or other barriers not listed here

It is important to know that:

- Energy Exchanges work best if the practitioner (that's me!) and the client (that's you!) both understand the value of what is being exchanged

- Pay-what-you-can is exactly that. Pay what you are able to offer; something relative to the value of the offering and to your financial capacity.

- If you make a monetary offering that is less than the suggested price, you will not get turned away

- If you want to provide an exchange in installments, that is welcome

- If you want to provide a tip or extra compensation at a later time, it is not necessary but welcome

It is SUPER important to know that:

I am one person and my availability fills up on a first-come-first-serve basis. I do not filter my clientele based on their offerings or exchanges. You are valued. Someone who shows up to do their Spiritual work is valued, regardless of what you can pay. Do not underestimate the power of your intentions.

If PWYC + Energy Exchange would help you at this time, please do not hesitate to reach out. When you are accessing offerings in the SHOP please indicate that you'd like to use a PWYC + Energy Exchange model in your message.

Thank you (and thank yourself) for showing up for the work! I look forward to growing with you.

xo TJ

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