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Come correct with this Spiritual Seeker crystal kit.


Complete with 7 clear quartz points, 1 black tourmaline, 1 celestite, and 1 shungite crystal. Comes with a digital zine on how to integrate each crystal into your daily life. Perfect for crystal grids, manifesting magic, or adding a lil' extra spice to your daily rituals.


Clear Quartz: Known as the most versatile yet powerful crystal. Used to amplify magic and manifesting.


Black Tourmaline: Powerful Protective crystal. Helps ward off energetic or psychic attacks.


Celestite: Highly spiritual crystal that helps strengthen your connection to the Divine realm. Use this to deepen meditation or to cleanse your energy.


Shungite: Detoxifying and calmative mineral. Believed to help neutralize electromagnetic frrequency ratiation that is emitted from our cell phones and other electronic devices. 


Charged under the Cancer Full Moon

Reiki-Cleansed prior to shipping

Spiritual Seeker: Crystal Kit

  • Limited quantities available. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. 

    In the event that the product is damaged during delivery, please take clear pictures of the product upon receipt and send your inquiry to for a full refund.

    - Thank you for supporting small businesses!

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