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WTF is Decolonization

Disclaimer: Speaking about decolonization can be a difficult topic. Please note that my writings and teachings come from a 2nd generation Filipinx perspective. I acknowledge that accessibility to resources, community, and support for decolonization can vary throughout the diaspora and folx abilities to speak openly can be affected by oppressive governing institutions. Please treat where you are with kindness.

Demystifying Decolonization

In my writings you’ll likely see me use the word decolonization a lot. Now whether you’re new to the movement or you want to know how to easily* explain it to others, I’ve got your back. No need to stumble across terms or frantically regurgitate our long and complicated histories (trust me, I’ve been there). We’ll take a look at what decolonization is and learn how to start your healing journey today.

*It is important to note that the topic of decolonization is never an easy one. However, speaking about it and bringing more awareness to our journeys helps us start the unraveling processes. The ease can come with us building confidence in what we know and knowing that our experiences are valid.

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What (the f) is Decolonization?

Decolonization is the process of undoing the impacts and oppression of colonialism.

Why is Decolonization important in Spiritual Work?

When we heal through a decolonized lens, we are working to undo intergenerational trauma, colonial conditioning, and cultural genocide. At times our Spiritual lessons can come to us through Karmic cycles (through past lives) or Ancestral lineage (through the experiences passed down your family tree). Decolonization directly addresses Ancestral lessons.

What’s challenging you in this lifetime could be caused by a greater ripple effect, starting with your family and Ancestors.

How to Heal From Colonization

It is no easy task, nor is it a simple topic to address in a few sentences. Healing from the impacts of colonization can take your entire lifetime, since our history within it is long and complex. The best way to start your healing is to practice patience, support yourself with what you need, address and detach from ego when possible, and to surrender.

decolonization, filipinx, what is decolonization, decolonizing, ancestral healing

Surrender the idea of perfection since there is no absolute formula on how to fully decolonize.

Listen to your intuition, ask for help when you need it, and never judge where you are or what you know at any point in your journey. You are growing and that is always better than staying stagnant.

Supporting you on this journey,

xo TJ

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