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Why are Spiritual Services so Expensive?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

When I was new to this esoteric, magical world, I was surprised at the insane prices I would come across. For someone who was merely curious about working with practitioners and healers, I was shocked at the huge price tags attached to things like Reiki, Tarot, and Hypnosis (just to name a few). I received my first Reiki session in University, so handing over $80* on a broke student budget was a lot. Especially when something like Reiki promises to do so much - helps you attain clarity, energetically cleansing, de-stressing, improves sleep, clearing skin, etc - it's hard not having some level of beginner's skepticism.

*It is important to note that back then, $80 was a reasonable amount for a session. Since then, prices have inflated, along with the general economy, and many practitioners charge between $100 - $200 for a single Reiki session.

I empathize that many folx find Spiritual Services expensive and intimidating to invest in. I was once in that position too and I don't take the value of a person's hard-earned money lightly. In fact, that's why I offer free resources like this blog and payment options for those who need financial accessibility.

So why are Spiritual Services so expensive?

Like every industry or trade, it takes a person years to craft and practice their skills. With many courses there is a fixed amount of days to learn the craft, but continuing to work on these skills for the rest of your life is the real challenge. On top of practicing and developing one's skills, a practitioner should also have lifestyle habits that help support their growth (not hinder them).

When I started my Reiki studies, I began meditating for an hour everyday which immensely helped solidify what I learned. However, continuing to evolve my meditation practice and using Reiki everyday is a lifelong commitment. The same goes with Tarot, Sound healing, and other skills I've acquired over the years - if I don't regularly practice these skills, I can get rusty. To help the entirety of my practice, I consciously change my lifestyle choices to reflect the things I believe in (for example: I am always signing up for beneficial learning opportunities, I practice daily reading and writing, and I eat a plant-based diet that aligns with my beliefs, the possibilities to shift your lifestyle are endless).

When you book a Spiritual session or service, you are also getting the concentrated experience of your practitioner's skills. In other words, you're experiencing a concentrated 30 mins, 60 mins, 120 mins of the skills your practitioner has spent their lifetime (or lifetimes) accumulating. That's pretty intense if you ask me.

TLDR: The prices you pay for your services reflect the level of expertise your practitioner has, their educational path in the field, and their continuous commitment to improving their skills. It also reflects the value and the experience you will receive from working with your practitioner.

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Ok, but how can I tell if someone is a quality practitioner?

I'll definitely be writing more on this topic, since unfortunately, there are fakes out there. Yep, I said it.

In short, check your practitioner's credentials, speak to them, and personally ask them all of the questions you have. A quality practitioner should happily help you understand what they do and why they do this work. Every practitioner I have worked with or have received a session from, has experienced some kind of journey in order to become their present Self. Growth also happens with the help of mentorship, so be sure to ask them about who they studied with or how they learned to develop their gifts. And last but certainly not least, I always ask folx about their principles - what are they passionate about? Otherwise, if I don't ask, how do I know if I'll connect to their work? You should always check if a practitioner's values align with yours.

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How we roll at Daily Magic

So what are my values? How do we navigate this shindig?

There are three main principles that drive my personal and professional practice:

Accessibility: Making sure that Spiritual and Wellness resources are not treated as luxuries but as basic human rights. Ensuring that pricing is both sustainable and accessible to those who need it the most.

Inclusivity: Acknowledging and providing space for LGBTQ+ folx and people of colour.

Decolonization of Spiritual and Wellness practices: Ensuring that we are constantly (re)educating ourselves on what it means to decolonize; through reconnecting to Ancestral and Indigenous practices, histories, and ways of living.

If these values resonate with you, then I feel like we'd be a great fit to work together. If you need financial accessibility and other options, please do not hesitate in reaching out. We are all evolving in this world together.

Wherever you are I hope you find the resources and guidance you need to get you to that "next level." Feeling blessed to be able to share this with you.

xo TJ

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