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When a Tarot Reading Doesn't Feel Right

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I've been reading Tarot for others since 2017 and this week something new happened.

I had an appointment in my schedule with someone who I've been emailing back and fourth with over a month. Then when the reading came about, something didn't feel right.

I always start sessions with context about how I use Tarot - a disclaimer of sorts - so people know what to expect when working with me. When the reading began I felt a number of things:

  • The sensation of silent pressure from the client

  • An ego presence saying, "is this reader legit?" and "what is she doing?"

  • And when I started channeling the opening messages to the client, the feeling that they did not get the answers they were looking for

I take the work that I do very seriously. This is why I don't tip toe around saying that I use Tarot as a communication tool between you and Spirit (aka. Ancestors, Guides, God/ Goddess, loved ones that have passed on) before I start. However, some people don't connect to that and that's OK.

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Channeling Messages

When messages are channeled, I don't have full control over what I say. The words flow out freely and that is the exchange I agree to as a reader. I agree to channel messages from Spirit, and Spirit agrees to provide the support. Tarot isn't like a fortune cookie you crack open and buy, to be slightly amused in the moment. Tarot is a means of communication.

"You're saying 'we' and speaking in the 3rd person and I get that collectively there's change but I'm not sure how that applies to me." I was pulled out of my state of channeling and despite my attempts to reconnect, I received signs to end the reading.

I pulled the Seven of Wands, Death (reversed), and the Wheel of Fortune thinking, ah sh*t I need to end this.

After a long pause, a deep breath and some seriously stressed out eyebrows, the client chimed in and said they wanted to end the session. I agreed. We both signed off.

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Is there a right way to read?

I'm a believer that Tarot is evolutionary, which means that as we continue to work with this tool, our relationship, our theory and methodology will continue to evolve as well. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reading. There's different decks, different styles, different interpretations to connect to the different kinds of people in our world.

I am NOT the right fit for everyone.

This experience reminded me that I am not the right fit for everyone and that's actually a good thing! (In other words, not everyone can handle this psychic spice 🔥 haha)

My loyal clients connect and resonate to the way I read and that's why they come back for readings. I would rather loyal and repeat clients who get what I do, versus people who don't like my style and would never recommend me.

How to end a reading gracefully

So my friends, from this new (but insightful) experience, I want to share some key takeaways:

  1. Always thank the other person for their time.

  2. End the reading respectfully and don't attach anything to it.

  3. Make it short and sweet so there are no hard feelings and everyone can move on with their lives.

If you are looking to develop your practical skills, knowledge, and confidence in reading Tarot, I'm offering a Tarot 101 course. Sign up for the Daily Magic newsletter to get first word on when enrolment opens! Let's turn up the psychic spice!

Till then,

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