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The Key to Spiritual Success

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Do you feel like you've been chasing goal after goal? Does your to-do list feel like it's constantly replenished, without any idea of when you'll get your next break?

I know the struggle.

In this day in age it's really easy to get suckered into the "hustle" mentality and to forget this key to success:

To fill your cup first.

If your cup isn't full, how can you expect to feed the people around you? How can you nourish your community, your dreams, or your legacy, if your cup isn't even full for yourself?

Many of us go through the motions and routines in life just barely getting by. It was only when I woke up, accessed clarity on what I really needed, and stopped procrastinating on my own growth, that I started to feel peace.

I started to align with my True Purpose.

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The path isn't always straight ahead. There will be twists and turns along the way, as well as inevitable detours, but thats the reality of this Human life. If things went the way we planned, it'd be both boring and limiting.

Take a moment to consider this.

Think of all of the things that you want in this moment. Now imagine God telling you that you could either have what you planned for or you could receive something even better. What would you choose?

You'd obviously pick the second and more alluring option!

The thing is, when we operate from a place of scarcity we are always feeling that who we are and what we currently have, is not enough. Scarcity keeps us in a fear mindset and can contribute to our unhealthy attachments to plans, to-do lists, and even 5-year-goals. While it can be helpful to use these tools, it's important to remember that they don't guarantee our "Spiritual success," aka our inner peace and Purpose.

In order to say YES to the badass and bigger plan that God is cooking up for us, we must surrender to the Path. We must trust in our Higher Purpose and operate with complete faith, with clarity on what is necessary, and with Love for what we are doing.

A friendly tough-love reminder: If you don't Love what you are doing, you must re-evaluate why the f*ck you are bothering to doing it.

Questions to Ask

You are invited to journal, meditate or pull Tarot cards on these questions. Use whatever tools or approaches that support an honest an open conversation with yourself.

  1. Who am I?

  2. Who do I want to become?

  3. What do I want?

  4. What is necessary to get what I want?

  5. What part of my Purpose have I been ignoring?

May you find peace in the present moment, and faith in tomorrow,

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