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Solar Eclipse in Gemini

What does this mean? Will I be ok? Will my life crumble into utter chaos???

Witch, please. Take a damn breath.

As intimidating as eclipses may sound, I'm here to debunk a few things and to give you a dose of that grounding, sit-yer-ass-down, earth energy. More and more people are turning to Astrology for answers, while also frantically sharing every piece information they find on social media. It can be really confusing trying to find the truth, but I'm gonna be real with you:

  1. Some people share chaotic energy as a form of clickbait. They want to hook you in, keep you dependant on them for information, and addicted to consuming their content.

  2. Above all else, I will always remind you to trust your intuition. PERIOD.

If something you find online happens tor resonate with you then great! If it doesn't feel right, makes your feel pressured instead of empowered and aware, I say ditch that sh*t.

Today Between 6PM - 7PM EST, We have a Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipses happen quite often actually, but for some reason there's this false sense of panic or anxiety when approaching them. Now keep in mind that I am a "Chaotic Good" Capricorn Sun, which pretty much means that I find chaos and change quite exciting *sips coffee* but I also deeply empathize with those of us who may come across some unsettling changes this season.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse

While New Moons are typically a great time to do some purging, manifesting, and starting new habits or projects, this month is a wee different. Eclipse energy is quite potent and as previously mentioned, have a reputation for being chaotic. The truth is, eclipses remind us to surrender to Nature and allow life to unfold however it is meant to. If you feel physically exhausted or drained, that's understandable. If you feel like so much change has already been happening, honey you're preaching to the choir.

Eclipses remind us to surrender to Nature.

Some folx describe this time as the "thunder before the storm" or you could think of it as... a dog whose bark is bigger than its bite. The lessons and changes that we are about to experience have been a long time coming and this is a reminder that using your intuition will help you guide through this season with ease. Now is absolutely not the time to force things that haven't already been in motion. Now is the time to let go of the ropes and fully embrace where we are.

How does this Eclipse Effect You?

If you have your birth chart available then check where Gemini is on your chart. The house that is aligned with Gemini, including corresponding planets and constellations, will show you what area of your life will be influenced by this Astrological event. If you need help navigating your birth chart, you can book a 1-on-1 with me here.

Remember, you got this. There's nothing that your cosmic badass can't handle at this point. 👊

Stay grounded boo,

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