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New Moon in Taurus + Jupiter in Pisces

These are meant to be enjoyed in the now and to permeate your present. May these words help you dream of wondrous futures and let the past free like pappus in the wind.

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New Moon in Taurus

On May 11th at approximately 3PM EST our New Moon sashayed into the Haus of Taurus. In a time when many of us have been asking the universe for both a break and breakthrough, Taurus reminds us of our roots, the core of who we are and our needs.

What do you need boo? Have you hydrated today? Have you hugged someone or hugged yourself lately?

New Moons remind us that all things in nature live and breathe in cycles. You too, live and breathe in a cycle of renewal and rebirth. We breathe a bit easier this cycle, knowing that the pressures of the world don't sit on our shoulders alone. We are reminded that being present, feeling the actual ground beneath our feet, can be all the ritual we need.

Find joy in simplicity this month. Move slow but intentionally and trust that the tools you need are in arms reach.

Jupiter in Pisces

Although our cosmic insights are grounded in Lunar movements, it's important to mention the return of Jupiter in its home sign Pisces (May 13 - July 28th). Consider this shift like a perfectly timed coffee break or a hint of glitter you didn't know you desperately needed.

Jupiter's alignment with sweet Pisces will give us a stroke of luck and that exact break/ breakthrough we have been asking for. While the past few months have been teaching us about our tender parts and wounds, these upcoming months will show us our tenderness - our emotional intelligence and harmony with this world.

Manifest big things this month, listen to your intuition, find flow in your everyday tasks. Reward is in store for those unafraid of dreaming.

Tarot Guidance

Today's card is the Nine of Cups. Start enjoying the beauty and art within life. Give yourself more permission to enjoy and experience this time instead of simply surviving. Abundance flows freely to those who welcome it - we're talking about financial and practical abundance too boo! Be unafraid of the inherent limitless of your being. This is "the sign" you've been asking for to do step into the things that foster joy.

Stay grounded, grateful, and gassed up about the good coming!

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