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New Moon in Aries

These are meant to be enjoyed in the now and to permeate your present. May these words help you dream of wondrous futures and let the past free like pappus in the wind.

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New Moon in Aries

The spunky sign of Aries signifies the beginning of our Astrological year. At approximately 10:30PM EST, on April 11th, 2021, the moon will be reborn and reawakened, bringing along with it, the permission to begin again (and again and again).

What projects have been culminating? What path do you presently find yourself on? Are you facing your desired direction?

Sometimes we can get so derailed by the details of detours and spiritual “three-point-turns”, that we may forget the beauty and joy that comes with travelling in this lifetime. Sometimes we may forget where-in-the-actual-hell we are going.

Give yourself permission to change course if needed, with grace.

April 12th also aligns with Juno Retrograde; the Godex overseeing home life and domestic matters. This is a key time to evaluate your daily life including rituals and habits. Is your environment reflective of how you want to feel? If not, what are the shifts you can act upon to create more immediate change?

Along wth this retrograde may come some headbutting with those you share a home with. Try to use these moments as Higher illumination of your soul’s needs and desires.

The dynamic between the New Moon and Juno tell us to usher in the good, new, and uplifting vibes we often aspire to but keep at a dream’s length away.

Curate your vibe.

Tarot Guidance

The 3 of Cups welcomes our space in our hearts for community, celebration, and emotional support. The end of a cold and solitary season is in sight. Evaluate who and what you want to surround yourself with, when we emerge from the shadows. What are you turning your mind towards celebrating? Who is celebrating with you?

Keep safe in the meantime my loves. Remember what is worth giving a damn and smiling about.

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