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How to Manifest Things the RIGHT way

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So you want to get into manifesting magic? Maybe you're looking for a new job, kick-ass finances, or an awesome place to call home. Perhaps you're looking to transform yourself to become a more confident and charismatic person. Heck, maybe you've got BIG plans and you've got your eye on the world.

Well before we get too carried away, let's chat about what you need to know about manifesting, so you can starting bringing those gooooood things into your life.

What is manifesting magic?

The ability to attract and create things that you want into your life.

You're taking your wants and turning them into reality.

manifesting magic, infographic, law of attraction, how to manifest the life you want

Where attention goes energy flows.

Our emotions, the language we continue to use, the energy we bring to our thoughts - all of these things amplify your magic for better or for worse.

Have you ever noticed that worrying about a potentially negative outcome often attracts the worst-case-scenario? Have you experienced that stressing about getting sick always creates an actual illness? (I've done that before, not the best feeling in the world).

These are all minor examples of how we unintentionally manifest things in our lives.

Instead of focusing on what you don't want (and getting emotionally investing in the stress), focus on what you do want, from a place of joy and excitement. Start speaking to yourself about what you want, as if it's something you already have.

manifesting, law of attraction, how to manifest your dream life, manifesting magic, how to use the law of attraction, the secret

You want to say and think:

"I am SO excited to have this in my life."

"I am grateful that this is what I am receiving."

Instead of worrying and clinging onto the outcomes in your life.

Walk the talk!

Start embodying the feelings that you would have when you're living in that new house, thriving in that new job, or in that loving relationship.

ACTION STEP: Sit in meditation and ask yourself, "What would I feel like when I have ________ in my life? What would I look like? How would I speak?" - This vision of your future self is the person I want you to try to be, starting today.

When you empower yourself with the right mindset, YOU can manifest anything.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to manifesting. To dig deeper, I invite you to join the Truth Seekers Inner Circle and get the first word on workshops and resources to help you on your journey.

Believing in you and your greater Purpose,

xo TJ

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