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How Reading Tarot Changed My Life

This one's a bit of a long and uncensored tale, so I hope you're ready for it.

Throwback to 2017! Photo by: Angela Lewis

At First, I Didn't Want to be a Tarot Reader

It's True. When I was fresh out of Nutrition school, I was eager to be a top-notch Health Coach (with 6-pack abs lol). I was really laser-focused on growing my Reiki practice and sharing the benefits of energy healing (something I'm still super passionate about to this day) along with the power of a good diet.

But as with many things in my stubborn goat-like path, the best things in my life came with a little more... resistance.

(Ouu spicy!)

I would think to myself, "I love reading my cards, but I don't think I could ever do that for other people."

And cue the inner-crisis, "It's not actually Spiritual if you're charging money for it... is it?"

Left with no concrete answers, I'd find myself coming back and back again to the cards. Like a curious childhood crush, I'd find myself daydreaming about a life as a world-travelling Tarot Reader, then quickly shushing those silly fantasies.

Eventually, I couldn't deny what I was called to do.

It's an Old Romance, Really

Ohhhh yes. *Ahh* My first card deck was actually my Mother's. I would sneak into her room, pull out the box of cards; curiously stare at the images, then return them like a quiet ninja-mouse.

I have childhood memories of going to psychic fairs and waiting as my mom would speak to mediums. My sister and I would love poking around the booths and we'd beg mom to buy us pretty crystals for our collections.

I must have been 9 when I witnessed my first Tarot reading. My mom had her cards read at a small mystic shop; one tucked away in a quaint and forgotten suburban mall (the kind that had no popular brand stores, but had a lot of retired folks sitting around). The shop was like a dream, it came and went like a secret store that now exists solely in my memories.

It's funny looking back because I remember my mom would whisper "Shh... don't tell your dad we talked to a psychic today." and I would giggle at our silly secret.

Reclaming Ancestral Magic

You see, growing up in a catholic-filipino family, Tarot isn't really... accepted. In our history, we do have indigenous rituals and divinatory practices but a lot of those things were lost or suppressed over time (don't get me started on the impacts of colonization). What has predominately survived*, is the Filipino belief (and curiosity) in Spirits, ghosts, and superstitions.

*It's important to note that there are still Indigenous people living within the Philippines and there are folx that do practice folk magic. In the modern age we see the rise in reclamation of lost practices, especially amongst millennial and gen z Filipinos/ Filipinx.

While Filipinos may be Superstitious, people may reject the idea that it's folk magic or witchcraft. It can trigger a fear response because of it being seen as Taboo or evil in Catholicism.

Despite the complications (because, let's admit it. Decolonizing can be fucking complicated), working with magical practices like Tarot, helps me connect to my Ancestors. I use the cards as a means to communicate with Spirit, our guides, and Higher Consciousness. You could look at it as part intuitive-work and part mediumship.

So in essence... Tarot played a HUGE role in my decolonization journey. Choosing to do this work day after day, is like my personal resistance against colonial mindsets and judgement.

Tarot Gave Me Confidence

To do this line of work is no joke. It's easy to poke fun at psychics and Tarot, but at the end of the day a Tarot reading can provide people deep healing and therapy. It's not necessarily easy work but it is so worth it.

Throughout my time as a professional reader, I've had people scoff at me to my face, challenge my interpretations, and even have another Tarot reader test me as an undercover client (a funny story for another time). Trust me, I've had many facepalms and face plants, but to get up everyday and put myself out there again and again has built my resilience, confidence, and my guts to stand up for what I believe in.

I believe that Tarot is a deep practice. It helps us uncover the mysteries of this lifetime and to seek out Truth.

Although Tarot can be fun, it can be so much more. It took confidence and a great amount of self-love to say "no" to high-paying gigs that didn't respect my needs. It took a lot of trial an error to see what work and what doesn't. At the end of the day, I do this work so people might at least learn that...

Tarot is not a gimmick. It is a powerful tool that can help you figure this life shit out.

Magical Things That Tarot Made Possible

Where do I start! Here's a few notable ones:

I foresaw the best time to walk away from toxic day jobs, before BIG shit hit the fan.

I learned how to walk away from a really painful relationship... Then I foresaw how my True soulmate would come into the picture.

I travelled to New York to read Tarot! (And more travelling to come, post-pandemic *fingers crossed*)

I read for a globally-known company (but signed an NDA so *shhh*)

(And duh) I've started my own business helping others learn this magic too!

Honestly, Tarot Reading is far from conventional, but I'd have my path happen no other way. My hope is to help build a future where folx who are intuitive empaths can use their skills for a source of greater healing. I believe that if more people pursued the paths they enjoyed and the skills they're good at, the world would be a more fabulous and harmonious place.

And hey, if you're reading this thinking "I've always wanted to try Tarot Reading" don't fight it! Explore it. You might be led down a lovely rabbit hole of mystery and mysticism, that may change your life in the most magical way.

Last Note

If I woke up tomorrow and could no longer read Tarot as my job, I would be sad for a while but... I regret nothing. This path has taught me what real freedom is and for that I am forever thankful.

Cheers to a lifetime of Truth Seeking & card shufflin'

PS. If you're ready to welcome the magic of Tarot into your life, I've got you covered in the Truth Seeker's Tarot course. It is the most comprehensive (and supportive) online course you'll find.

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