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Full Moon In Libra

These are meant to be enjoyed in the now and to permeate your present. May these words help you dream of wondrous futures and let the past free like pappus in the wind.

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Full Moon in Libra

On Sunday, March 28th, 2021 at approximately 2:45 PM EST, the Full Moon unfolded in the sign of Libra. Signalling a promise to reap what we have sown (for better or for worse) from the beginning of this moon cycle.

Where have our energies been spent in the past few weeks? What are we ideating, scheming, and planning towards? We are reminded that strategy - good strategy - is built on equal parts reason and intuition. Our existence is both emotional and mental.

Be intentional with the way you’re moving. Be deliberate with the word “no” and understand the true weight of the word “yes.”

The past year has taught us lessons in boundaries and self-respect. Not just the hard lesson of understanding self-preservation but truly respecting our own needs, limitations, and capabilities.

You’re not everyone’s piece of cake. Not everyone is yours.

That’s ok.

Remember that you can still say yes or no to things. That there are is no expiration date on boundaries. We have full control over our domain, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the surface.

Our moon is in opposition to our Aries sun, symbolizing an interesting push-and-pull dynamic. Reactivity vs judgement, impulsiveness vs decisiveness, excitement and passion vs fairness and balance. Balance, is everything right now.

Tarot Guidance: Five of Cups Reversed

We're being asked to look inwards and not from a superficial standpoint. Really take inventory of your energy and honestly see where things are invested.

Understand yourself from a truly intimate standpoint.

What are you balancing? Where are you looking vs what are you trying to do?

Sometimes our healing and growth is somewhere beyond our current line of vision.

I repeat, balance is everything.

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