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Energy is Non-Binary.

collage by tj banate Tasha Jade Banate Capricorn goddess nude model with dried flowers

Energy is non-binary. While we might hear words like “Feminine” and “Masculine” to describe non-physical phenomenon, that isn’t the best way to qualify the metaphysical. Energy is fluid. It flows freely this way or that.

As humans we have this desire to control and rationalize everything. Explanation serves as a way to satiate the ego and to reason away fear.

Fear of the unknown.

So at some point, a binary was created as an illusion of safety. Safety for some but not for all. Things were labelled Feminine and Masculine, Yin and Yang, positive and negative; all in an attempt to understand “otherness” better.

The Truth is, while there are differences between all living things, it’s not the differences that help us understand this reality. Instead of “otherness” we are asked to look towards “oneness".

If a person appears "feminine" to you, what does that show you about your own energy, comforts, and desires? If a person appears "masculine" what does that tell you about your self? Every time we perceive something within the binary, we are asked to examine our own perceptions.

What conditioning are you still carrying? What rules are you following? What rules do you wish to break free from?

Even as a non-binary person, I still have to check the layers of my conditioning. We all have conditioning but it takes true effort to bring them to our awareness and undo the things we simply don't believe in.

Trans-fantasty Time Travel

I had a conversation with a friend who shares similar experiences in their upbringing (they're also Filipinx). In some cultures, the patriarchal agenda to suppress female bodies or anything remotely feminine, isn't something indigenous to pre-colonial beliefs. The Philippines had a very different relationship to gender than it does today.

In ancient society, feminine and two-spirited folx had positions of leadership and respect. In pre-colonial Philippines, the Babaylan (Spiritual leader and healer) held an important role in society. At that time, ideas about gender were not as divided - trans folx existed in positions of leadership. Two-spiritedness was seen as sacred.

My friend shared a curiosity, "Imagine what kind of person I'd be if my childhood wasn't so gendered." They wondered if they weren't policed with "girls do that" and "that's only for boys, "that perhaps they'd have had more confidence growing up. They might have felt more comfortable exploring and connecting to their own sexuality. They might feel more assertive in going after what they want. Hell, they might not even be in the line of work they're currently in.

Sitting in our Unlearning

It's curious the amount of layers our conditioning can reach. When we're taught these basic ideas of "feminine" and "masculine", how does these ideas affect our human experience? How do these boxes suppress our ability to connect to wholeness and oneness?

How can we truly connect to Spirit, when we are conditioned to see things in such a divided way?

I invite you to sit in this unknown with me. Marinate in it, bask in it, and befriend it. Although unlearning and unpacking our own conditioning is a lifelong process, I believe that some things can be made simple. Like believing that...

Energy is energy, it flows where it flows.

Energy is non-binary, it simply is.

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