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Embrace Your Beast

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Embracing our primal instincts is integral to understanding our inner Divinity.

The problem with solely focusing on the “love and light”, is that we aren’t fully acknowledging the holistic experience of being human. In only subscribing to the “good”, we are dismissing an entire world of wisdom that the so-called “bad” parts of our experience teach us.

How can you be truly wise if you are choosing to ignore and suppress the feelings that make you uncomfortable?

Discomfort is and always has been a powerful catalyst for growth. We cannot deny this.

I’ve experienced those deliciously enchanting Spiritual Highs... and although they are wonderful, nothing can compare to the feeling of INTEGRATION. 👁 Embracing those wounded parts of myself. Giving gratitude to the painful memories. Looking bravely into my shadows. All of these things are uncomfortable but trust me friend, it gets easier with time.

And in time something changes...

Once upon a time

My emotional body was highly reactive - a defence I’ve built over years to protect myself from any kind of pain. Like a wounded animal that snaps at you whether or not you’re a threat; I was this way with people, always keeping others at an emotional distance.

That shit can be really lonely.

Not only lonely, but when you’re in that kind of energetic state, you end up manifesting relationships, friendships, and situations that are unhealthy. Toxicity breeds more toxicity. Ego validates ego.

I know you understand what I’m talking about.

When an organism is unhealthy, the toxins need to be removed so the body can stop attacking itself and begin to heal. For us Spiritual-Physical beings, this can mean separation from an environment, removal of relationships, detoxing from harmful habits and mindsets.

In time, the physical and spiritual inflammation will subside. You will shed the skin that you’ve outgrown. You will step fully into your awareness and Purpose. You will feel like YOU.

The process is absolutely exciting and liberating but... Levelling-up can come with some tough things too...

Remember this

My friend, remember that as you grow, you may loose people along the way. People won’t always understand you or your new way of thinking and speaking. On the flip side, you might find yourself with less capacity - or tolerance - to wait for others to catch up.

That’s ok.

This winding path isn’t meant to teach us to hate or resent others.

Growing pains are painful... but so is wearing shoes that are two sizes too small. Respect where you are. Respect where they are.

Recognize when it’s time to make peace with things and part. Learn the art of letting go.

When we embrace our beast, that can make others who are not ready, feel uncomfortable. That’s ok. That is their Truth. But above all else, respect YOUR TRUTH.

What parts of yourself have been asking to be let out? What powers have you been hesitant to unleash? What magic are you tired of ignoring?

The Collective Call

Spirit is calling us, as a collective, to step up. We all have a part in the change coming. We all contribute to the Spiritual revolution. You are needed.

Our inner “beast” is no monster at all. Though understanding it from a dualistic point of view can help us digest its existence, it really is just a part of the whole. There is no separation. No good vs bad.

There just is.

Part of us was called “beastly” when colonizers forced this language upon our tongues. Scraping us dry and leaving no room for our magical realism, our play, and the seduction of the senses.

Our pleasure was punished, and our Divinity was demonized.


Embrace the parts of yourself that are begging for your love. Embrace the parts of yourself that have been compartmentalized and tucked away. Embrace all of you and bring your True nature to light.

Let there be no vacancy for the ideals that do not belong to us.

No vacancy for the shame that was brought upon us.

No vacancy for anything less than the whole.

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