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Cosmic Insights | New Moon in Aries

These are meant to be enjoyed in the now and to permeate your present. May these words help you dream of wondrous futures and let the past free like pappus in the wind.

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On March 13th, at approximately 6:44PM EST our New Moon will encase itself in the sign of Aries. Fire, flame, and passion ignites our quiet and somewhat sombre days. It’s good to have our feathers ruffled up a bit, even if it does come from anger and spicy tempers. A little steam can’t hurt.

The collective craves an overbooked and overdrawn hibernation, when what it really needs is movement, reinvigoration, re-inspiration.


Take a breath.

Our card drawn for this Lunar phase is THE EMPRESS, which is timely with the approaching Spring Equinox. She smiles upon us favourably and slightly worrisome like a protective parent does. The air is drenched in burnout and restless sleeps, but she likes to remind us that all things in nature, move in cycles. Even this moment is unfolding us into a different form. We’re still the same stardust and magic, just transformed into something different like a paper boat turned paper crane.

Every fold in our life may leave some creasing and wear that will never be fully flattened, but the texture adds interest and age.

Even when we are still, we age.

THE EMPRESS asks you: do you demonize nature’s flow or do you choose to see it in a different light?

Aries’ playful fire and the Empress’s harvest are not always a good match. But even fire is a necessary element for growth. In the harshest of climates, forest fires are seen as nature’s way of restarting. They engulf life in flames, keeping only the necessary seeds and nutrients for nourishment. In a forest fire, all sustenance is burnt down and redistributed as necessary.

In a way, we are facing the dwindling of a man-made forest fire. The fire has died down just enough for us to breathe again, but the smog in the air makes it unclear where we are.

THE EMPRESS asks you to clear the air, where you are rooted. Be ready to rebuild and regrow again in a newly refined environment. We now have a chance to define our own terms and conditions to grow in.

What ecosystem are you cultivating?

What are you personally bringing to life?

What needs to be let go of in order to focus this growth?

And with everything, show yourself tenderness and compassion in a time that it may feel hard to do so. To survive this weather you must give yourself the warmth you need, so one day you are strong enough to give warmth and life to others.


The Cosmic Club will be announced soon.

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