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Daily Magic is a wellness and spirituality blog inspiring you to bring more magic into your daily life. Here you can find personal stories, resources and information to help you bring more Abundance, Joy, and Love into your day-to-day.

Here's what we're about:

  1. Inclusivity: Created and managed by a Queer Filipinx, Daily Magic continues to strive for gender and cultural inclusivity. We do this through socially conscious teachings and committing to constant evolution of what/ how we teach, to best reflect our beliefs.

  2. Accessibility to services: Wellness and Spirituality is everyone's right and not something reserved only for the privileged. This is why we are committed to making free content in the form of blogs, videos, and the Truth Seekers Inner Circle. For every service and mentorship program, there are options for alternative financing and pricing. Please read the FAQ page for more info and contact me about available options. 

  3. Giving back: A percentage of every sale is reserved for a private fund for philanthropic projects in the Philippines. To learn more, to become a partner, or to make a direct donation, please contact me here.

  4. Purpose-driven: Daily Magic is built on the belief that if everyone lived in alignment with their Purpose, we'd be building a more heart-centred, conscious, and magical as f*ck world. A part of our Purpose is to help you align with yours.

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