Ready to level up your Spiritual practice and elevate your f*cking life? The BRUHA SUNDAY SCHOOL is for badass babes who want to ditch the "good vibes only" crew and stir up some real magic. This 9-week course is a deep dive into transforming, healing, and creating the life of your dreams. If you identify with any of these statements then you know you've come to the right class:


"I want more from my Spiritual practice that isn't just meditation and downward dogs."


"Institutionalized Religion doesn't resonate with me. I kind of follow my own path."


"When I connect with my Spiritual practice I feel a part of something greater than myself."


"I've been feeling the call to work with magic and spellwork, but I need guidance on where to start."


A deep dive into topics like Manifesting, Reiki & Spellwork, then walk away with priceless knowledge and practical skills.

Exercises, homework and guidance to expand your practice and further your educational path.

Lifelong community and mentorship. Once you're in the BRUHA SUNDAY SCHOOL, you have access to new updates, every year, for life!

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