I'm Tasha Jade

(But you can call me TJ)

I'm a relentless Truth Seeker and your Bruha Bestie.

I carry a lot of titles. I'm a Reiki Master, Teacher, Tarot Reader, Musician, Sound Healer, Integrative Nutrition Specialist, Sister, Daughter, Lover, and Friend. I'm a student to my mentors and a teacher to my students. I'm always evolving and often restless when I'm not challenged.

Over the years I've learned to embrace life's challenges as opportunities to align with my Purpose.


If we're not challenged then we're not growing.
If we're not growing then what the hell are we doing?

On this human journey I've experienced a series of truths that have shaped me to become the person I am today. 

I've lived with anxiety and depression. I abused my body and had a downfall in my health. I nearly died and was reborn. I learned from my past lives and I've aligned with the Purpose of my present life.

Do I believe in Rebirth? Karma? Ghosts? Mediumship? Astrology?



I only teach and write about things I 100% believe in.

I hope that this BLOG can be a place of insight and inspiration on your journey. My work and writings are dedicated to helping you align with your purpose and to create a life filled with more magic, curiosity, Love, and joy. 


Know that you are not alone and that your experiences are valid. Know that where you are is just temporary and that you are meant to grow into someone and something more.


Know that Awakening is your birthright and that we're

meant to awaken together.

xo TJ